Monday, December 17, 2012

Big Lesson Learned

So yesterday we needed to go to Elk Creek for gas. We decided to take Sam our McNab border collie pup with us and Marty's Rule is that he rides in the bed no matter what. This was going to be Sam's first real trip to town at high speed. As we pulled out on to the highway Sam was perched up on the wheel well as he's been accustomed to doing while putzing around the ranch. I noticed this and told Marty I didn't feel comfortable with him perched like that and Marty rejoindered "well, I'll just tap the brakes and cure him of that in short order." In the next minute the brakes were tapped and Sam catapulted out of the bed off the side of the truck and disappeared on to the road. I screamed an obscenity as Marty screeched to a halt. I was in panic mode that he may have fallen underneath the wheel and already be killed! I leaped from the truck before it was even stopped and ran back to see Sam limping off down the road at a trot. He was headed for home it seems. I yelled his name and it took a number of yells until he turned, hesitated and then turned around for good and headed back to us. I held him in the middle of the road risking grave injury to both of us for what seemed an eternity until Marty showed up to pick him up. Did I mention that I have bad back that precludes me from lifting anything heavier than a feather? I kept scanning up and down the road for cars speeding at us. Luckily no cars appeared. As Marty took him back to the truck I said "Please, let's put him in the back seat until we see how bad he may be injured!" but Marty was insistent that he should go right back in the bed. Sam must have learned something because he pretty much cowered right behind the cab the whole way to Elk Creek. At the gas pump I noticed he had a scuff over his eye and a bloody ding above his hock. That's all I could see. On the way back I pleaded with Marty that Sam should be put in a dog kennel or tied down when riding in the bed but Marty wouldn't hear of it and even changed the subject once. I said "Oh, I guess we're not talking about that anymore, huh?" I guess the only lesson that really sunk in is that tapping the brakes is a really bad idea.

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