Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We Re-think How Sam Travels in the Pick-up

Sometimes putting thoughts down on paper give them a life they would not have had if they just been left unmanifest in one's mind. The happy result of my blog on "Tragedy Averted, Big Lesson Learned" is that we now have a wonderful new crate securely fastened in the back of the pick-up right behind the cab. Sam loves it and so do I. Not only is he safe from the possibility of getting out of the bed at some inopportune moment but now he can also ride protected from the wind and rain. It's a win-win situation.

Sam had his first ride today. It was a cold day but mostly clear. There had been thunderstorms in the valley last night and the walnut groves had a thick layer of ice from hailstones. Far off in the distance we could see the Trinity range of the coastal mountains with a solid cap of snow. I'm sure we could have seen Mt. Shasta if there hadn't been so many clouds on the horizon. Mt. Shasta is a Fourteener, as they say in Colorado, but it's all alone in the middle of no-where and it has a presence for a hundred miles away. Interstate 5 runs the length of California from north to south and is an arrow that aims at the flanks of Mt. Shasta. A traveller gets treated to the sight of the mountain for miles and miles before she or he even gets close.

But today we didn't go there. Today we had too many errands to do. As we traversed the width of the valley we slowed down and impeded a local denizen who may have been so destinated that they just had to pass us even though we were going 60 miles per hour. Sixty is slow compared to the accepted 70. We were looking for the mountain and glad that we did not have to have a second thought about our sweet Sam safe and warm in his brand spanking new kennel in the back.

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