Saturday, September 21, 2013

Camou Pants

I wore my camou pants today for the first time this season. A lot of people wear camouflage at this time of year. It was dove season and now it’s deer season and pretty soon it will be pig season. I don’t hunt but I like my camou pants. They are super comfortable and I get compliments all the time. “Nice Pants” in the check out line. But camou pants mean more to me than that. It means it’s cool enough and it means the weather is changing and it means it’s going to be winter soon. Bittersweet. I’m happy because the weather is not so awfully scorching that by 10 am you have to shade up next to the AC. It’s not so awfully hot that you have to get up at O’Dark Hundred to get anything done. What did Noel Coward say? “Mad dog and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun.” I ain’t English. But on the down side it also means no more refreshing dips in the reservoir and windows wide open at night.
So when the camou pants come out of the drawers it means a lot of different things and they’re all significant to me. My tan that I got from working outside will fade. The summer tomatoes will be replaced by kale and broccoli. The windows will now be closed. Not because the AC is going full blast but because it’s too cold to open them.
Eventually the camou pants will go underneath what I call the Jumpin’ Johnny suit which is a Carhartt brand full-metal-jacket-neck-to-ankle jump suit and lined with quilted comfort. But I can hardly move. Still I’m toasty when I’m throwing hay and it’s coming in sideways.

But let’s not think about that now. It’s still Indian Summer.

The camou pants mean it’s time to finish cutting and splitting firewood. We do four cords for the main house and two cords for our house. The camou pants mean it’s time to plant the winter garden. The camou pants mean it’s time to set up the rain catchment system. Today I looked at the lovely yarn in the store and thought, hmmm, should I take up knitting? When the weather changes next spring I’ll probably have a similar thought about the cargo shorts. But for now, it’s me and my camou pants.


  1. If you still have'm... they're Dutch. Might make some interesting conversation in the line. ;)

    1. The camouflagepattern looks Dutch DPM and it even has that small bandaidpouch on the lower right leg.
      I used to run around in those professionally... a long time ago.
      There should be a label inside with a large KL on it.

    2. Jumpin' Jehosephat! Sure enough! This is so cool. I got those pants in Berkeley, California at an Army Surplus and I've worn them all over. They worked especially well at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada one year. I've never seen this pattern anywhere around here. I wonder how Berkeley came by them? When I wear them people always like them and compliment me. Cool beans.

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