Saturday, February 1, 2014


Most of you probably know we’re in a drought here in California. Some of you probably realize how this impacts ranchers and farmers. The rest of you know how it impacts everybody in terms of water usage.  Not a happy situation. Out here on the ranch we were fortunate to buy 4 loads of alfalfa so our cows are good for feed. The supplier just ran out of the forage mix that my one horse eats. That horse is a very easy keeper. I had to scrounge to find more. 
We've been on well water since fall and now that cows are coming we've had to pump water out of Grindstone Creek. Usually rain has choked all our above-ground storage by this time. But the coastal Mendocino National Forest mountain range has been reaching out like a center fielder for the fly ball of whatever rain comes in off the Pacific. So it’s been caught up there and since Grindstone Creek originates up by the divide we've been getting that flow down through our property. I simply don’t know how other folks are making it. I do know that the local water hauler says he hasn’t hauled so much water in the 25 years he’s been doing it. I could go on. Suffice it to say it’s dire.
So it’s with irony that I say we recently went to Hawaii to remind ourselves what rain is like. And we did get reminded. Whew! It certainly was nice. That good old breeze flowing through the open window laden with humidity at a temperature fit for human existence. Here are some highlights from the trip.

Mauna Kea beach

Hawi BBQ

Ropin’ at Rocking Chair Ranch near Waimea

Southern-most point of the United States - Ka Lae point near Na’alehu

Horses on a windy hillside above Na’alehu

Puka hole at Ka Lae getting ready to blow.

Kilauea belching sulfur dioxide; me holding my breath

Mixed Bento - white rice, fried chicken, teriyaki beef, hamburger, fried mahi mahi

Lava Tree; I'm calling it "Lot’s Wife"

 Pololu; end of the road in North Kohala

My new favorite food - Red Jamaican Bananas

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