Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cortez and the Wind

I walked all the way out to Three Cross Hill today. It’s the highest point on the ranch at about 300 feet tall. That’s from the surrounding ground. If you’re interested the ranch itself is about 1,000 feet above sea level. It’s called Three Cross Hill because there are three stone crosses up there. They are the brand of the ranch. This brand was purchased years ago by the owners and was the first brand in the new world. It was used by Hernan Cortes when he came to Mexico in 1519 at the age of 33. The brand fell out of use and was not owned by anyone at the time of purchase so the owners snagged it and were tickled pink. Now it’s emblazoned on many buildings here at the ranch and, of course, it’s at the top of Three Cross Hill. To anyone learned in religion it’s quite obvious that the brand is emblematic of Calvary. The ranch truck has the brand decal on the side so when we're in town we get comments like Nice Logo. Some people think we’re a religious cult or way religious but we’re not. We're just normal religious. But people are more likely to relate to it as a Christian emblem as opposed to something connected to Hernan Cortes. I didn’t know. When we first came I said what’s up with the three crosses I see all over the place? I was a little concerned at such a blatant show.

I walked to Three Cross Hill for exercise and to just see the ranch from bird’s eye level. Up there it was breezy, mild and fairly clear. I looked in all directions and thought about how that wind came from somewhere and how somebody and some things had breathed in that air and then breathed it out. That the wind had blown through the hair of some unknown person somewhere out there and I’ll never know who. When I have these thoughts I think about how we’re all connected by being part of this planet. We think we’re separate but we’re not. We’ve got the same air in our lungs that everybody and everything breathes. I felt the wind and thought about a possible person in Mongolia had that wind blow across their face just a few days ago. Here’s my little life that seems all special and separate to me but the reality is there’s other people out there right now living their lives going about their business. I wonder what they’re going through. Are they happy or sad? Are they going through some awful experience or are they having the same sense of wonder I’m having right now?

When I start thinking along these lines it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from other wacky thoughts. Don’t get me started on what I think about how close outer space is. It’s just 6 miles away straight up. Think about that. Closer than the grocery store. Thank you atmosphere. Our air. Our wind. Without you we’d be having a miserable time.

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