Sunday, April 20, 2014

Quota for the Year

We went to the Red Bluff Round Up yesterday. It’s an old fashioned rodeo of epic proportions and super fun. At the end of the arena events they even have a Wild Horse Race that look suitably frightening. Personally I would be terrified to even be out there. I don’t know how brave or stupid these guys are. They’re not afraid of a little pain. What’s that? I laugh in the face of pain! What would keep me out of the competition wouldn’t be because I have to wrangle a 1,100 pound beast who doesn’t want to be wrangled or even that I might have to get on it after the saddle is placed and cinch tightened. Its getting stomped on by all the other wranglers and horses who don’t want to be ridden or handled before the whole she-bang starts. Before the shotgun blast that starts the melee it’s a melee unto itself with horses rearing and struggling and crazy wranglers trying to hold on. One guy was even dragged down the course with other wranglers holding on the head of the horse like earrings.
Anyway it’s fun and yesterday was beautiful weather and we had seats fairly close to the action with our backs to the sun so we could see. But the first thing we had to do was hunt up an Indian Taco truck. I’m glad they don’t post the calories. I probably couldn’t eat one if I knew. Ignorance is bliss in this case. We did find one and it didn’t take too much cajoling to get the guy to make our tacos on the spot. We’ll wait we said. In my book the fry bread has to be hot out of the fry cooker. Cold fry bread is simply inferior. Of course, then one must eat it immediately and when you do it’s the most yummy melt in the mouth experience on the planet. 

There are glops of refried beans, spiced hamburger, shredded ice berg lettuce, chopped tomatoes and dollops of sour cream. If that aint’ a recipe for yumminess I don’t know what is.
But it’s the fry bread that makes it. I have a special way to eat it. I want to have bites of crunchy edges before I make my way to the center. Other people pick it up folded and try to eat it that way. Those are the people who work on the premise if it doesn’t get all over the place if doesn’t belong in your face. Then there are the other people who start on one side and eat their way to the other. I think my way is best because the hot crunchy edges of the fry bread are the best part of the taco. Get a little of the topping on the edge as you pull it away. The center should be moist and fluffy. The surface should be light brown and crunchy. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.
Then once you’re done remember the date because you won’t eat another one until the next Round Up. You have made your calories quota for the year.

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