Friday, April 4, 2014

Until They're Done

The drought seems to be over. At least for our little ranch. It might even be a better summer than last. Now that we are into our second year here at the ranch we have history that can be compared. In 2012 it was wet all through fall into December but then we had a dry January into summer. In 2013 we had a fall into December but now we’re having a wet spring. We’re wondering if this means we will have more water to use this year. When we had the dry spring we had to start using water from our stock ponds and by the time summer rolled along we were already depleting supplies. This year we haven’t even touched the stock ponds. We’re still using water from the creek. The creek is a source that is constant as long as the water flows from the mountains. And it is. We couldn’t use creek water last year because it dried up. You just never know from one year to the next.
We’ll see. And whatever we see we’ll deal with. One way or the other. I was hoping this means that the reservoir will have lots more swim-ability than last year. Last year the water in the reservoir got so low that you could almost drive to the bottom of the original creek bad. The lay of the original land was exposed to the air for acres and acres. Cross your fingers for me. I really like swimming.
It would also be nice to have it stay green longer. What is it about green that is so healing and restful? When I was walking out to feed the horses this morning I looked down and saw this little grouping. A little family of brown guys poking up through the baby greens. 

I have no idea what they’re called but they looked so sweet to me all huddled together. Every time I see mushrooms I can’t help but recall the dancing mushrooms in that iconic Disney movie “Fantasia”. I’m forever scarred. The truth is mushrooms aren’t necessarily friendly. They can be quite poisonous so I’ll be leaving the little family group alone to live out their lifespan and do what they do until they’re done.

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