Sunday, May 18, 2014

Demolition Derby!

Here’s a pastime for you. This is tailor-made for all of you who ever wanted to legitimately mow down a sob that cut you off on the freeway or rode your arse too close for comfort at 80 mph in bumper to bumper traffic. It’s Demolition Derby and it’s an event that’s popular at County Fairs all over the nation. We connected up with this one at the Glenn County Fair a few days ago. Marty said that looks like fun so I said I’ll buy you a car when I win the lottery. I say that a lot these days. When I win the lottery. Seems like the most likely thing that will help us get all our hairball bucket list items.

Let's follow #68b

Lookin' Good Like a Demo Derby Car Should
Still Clean - Mostly

Startin' To Look a Little Worse for Wear

Don't Try This With Your Japanese Fuel-Efficient Compact
Didn't I See This On the Freeway the Other Day?
I Think It's Time To Call It a Day.

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