Saturday, May 24, 2014


We’re in the zone between spring and summer. We’ve had really hot days in the 90’s but most days are in the mid to low-80’s. It’s perfectly delightful. This is the season of firsts. The first sunflower blooms. The first thunderstorm hits. These are among my favorite experiences of the ranch. We made our first visit to the reservoir and I wore my cargo shorts for the first time the other day. We also had our first evening horseback ride because now there’s daylight enough after an early dinner.

Of course, this season means more work and work earlier in the day, shading up and then working in the evening. Luckily our big group of visitors came now and not later in the season. We had to get the place spic and span and the beautiful weather made it a pleasure. The horses had to be ridden so they remembered their jobs. The fence had to be replaced so guests leaning against it wouldn’t collapse into an unpleasant experience of being impaled by the agave. Gates were painted. Weeds were wacked. Mulch was spread. Engines repaired and made to work again.

Now we can rest on our laurels a bit. I love that phrase. I can only imagine the Romans relaxing on big mounds of laurel leaves. You know, resting. If we’re talking about bay laurel leaves it had to be fragrant but not as soft as resting on eiderdown. Anyway, you rest on what you have.
For the remaining days of clement weather we have we’ll be gardening and riding and just puttering where we need to or want to. Then the hot days will set in and it’s just going to Whiskeytown Lake or Black Butte or where ever we can find to stay cool. It’s summer at the ranch.

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