Saturday, June 28, 2014

Best Memphis BBQ West of the Pecos!

Every Friday night in a little ole out of the way place in a one horse town called Elk Creek there’s the best Memphis BBQ west of the Pecos.
It’s Bubba, son of the proprietor, that puts on this feedbag. His mom, Sharon, is proprietor and his grandmother, Nancy, Sharon’s mom, is the namesake. Nancy used to run the café at the Willows Airport and it still has the same name but everything else is different.
But never fear! Everything’s still the same at Nancy’s Elk Horn Family Lodge in Elk Creek. It’s a half hour drive west on California Highway 162 out of Willows. Bubba is at the helm of the BBQ spareribs every Friday night from 5 until closing. He’s got one mother of a BBQ cooker. It’s the size of a small oil tanker car and it’s parked out in the parking lot for convenience.

Here's Bubba peaking out from behind the cooker.

Frozen beer glass and crispy blue cheese green salad.

The Piece de Resistance with garlic bread and sides.
Last night’s rub had a hint of spicy finish. The ribs are meaty and in the photograph they looked burned but that's just because the meat caramelizes as it slowly cooks. Smoky! Sweet! Spicy! The drive out from Willows takes you through quintessential California golden rolling hills studded with blue oak. When you get to the Stony Creek bridge and the eastern flank of the mountains of the Mendocino National Forest are in sight turn left and head into town. On the right. You can’t miss it. Unless you blink. Totally worth the drive.

Picture taken Memorial Day. I'm trying to be patriotic, too.

They have an awesome breakfast, too.

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