Monday, June 9, 2014

Georgia O’Keefe Would Have Loved This Place

We had to go to Lake Isabella this past weekend. Marty’s house needed some attention because we hadn’t been there for a year. We thought it might not even be there but there it was and upon entering the front door I thought of a new name for it. We had been calling the 28 acres “Valley View” for the spectacular view of Walker Basin. No, I think it should now be called “Maus Haus” for the thousands of mouse droppings every where the eye could see. Well, reader, we cleaned it up. In record time I might add and then it was time for a little R & R or W & W as Elmer Fudd might say.
We stopped off in Havilah on the way down the hill to review the one room museum and watch the cowboys shoot each other on Main Street. It was Havilah Days you see and the festivities were small but lively. Black powder blanks by the way just so you aren’t worrying about mayhem and murder.
After lunch in Isabella we headed over to the lake but were dissuaded from real swimming. It was hot enough and the water cold enough but the fierce wind was daunting. There was this incredible green algae, too. I’ve never seen anything so green. Un-retouched photo here. That’s not my shoe. I think the algae ate the owner. Maybe that’s why it’s so robust. Eee-Yew, maybe that IS the owner dissolved!

Shaking off that awful image we said well let’s head over to Red Rock. Red Rock is famed for many western movie location shoots. On the way over Walker Pass we stopped off in a Joshua Tree forest. I don’t know where I got so buxom in my old age. But I did. Maybe it’s the extra 20 pounds that I didn’t have when I was in high school. Whaddya think? By the way, when you walk to a Joshua Tree and don't look up the bark looks just exactly like a regular tree. Then you look up and think  how did that happen? The natural world is an amazing place.

Me and Joshua Tree

Then it was off to Red Rock. See if any of this seems familiar.


Hey there’s JohnWayne about to enter stage right.

The Lot Family frozen in stone.

The points of red are picnic umbrellas. Just an odd incongruity in the landscape of washed out color.

Georgia O’K would have loved this place.

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