Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Hair Products are *Hot*

I mean literally hot. Not up-to-the-minute, the latest thing hot. No, literally hot. They’ve been in my bathroom all day with the door closed. My bathroom doesn’t have a vent but it does have a small window just above the shower stall so all day long this window is cracked open to let out moisture. Unfortunately, this also lets in the heat of the day. I keep that bathroom door closed so it doesn’t interfere with the cooling of the rest of the house by the air conditioning. Our air conditioning works best when it has as little to handle as possible.
So the bathroom, which is little and has a small window open all the time, has the door shut and it gets as hot in there as it is outside. Yesterday it was 102 outside. Then, as is my habit after I’ve been outdoors, I go in my little bathroom and take a cold shower. I haven’t taken a hot shower since summer began two months ago. I’m real used to the shock of the water now. It isn’t even a shock anymore. It just feels good. My partner Marty won’t swim in lake water for instance if the air temperature is not hot enough or the water is too cool. I, on the other hand, plunge right in and I’m sure my tolerance is partly because I’ve been getting used to it in the cold shower.
After I shower I have a ritual of hair products I use to keep the infernal heat and super low humidity from wrecking my hair. It’s so dry here that if you get wet or wash your hair and go outside your hair is dry in two seconds flat. The environment sucks the moisture out of everything. I felt sorry for the birds so I built a bird bath out front that is fun to watch as the birds come in for relief. The dogs have their swimming pools out back. Small, medium and large. They can just choose which one they like best. My hair along with every other body part is crying out for a moisture barrier so you can well imagine I’ve invested in the best skin products I can afford. Slathered on comes to mind. Not being shy about applying the stuff comes to mind.
In my bathroom I pour a little into the palm of my hand before applying it to my hair. It’s hot. Remarkable. I’ve never been in a place where the air temperature makes your hair product warm. All I can say is thank god for the air conditioner. I can see how this would be dangerous for old people who don’t have the modern convenience. You’d be better off going outside and sitting in the shade so you could at least get whatever breeze comes along. Without air conditioning the inside of the house would be stifling.
So yesterday we went on an adventure to check out Letts Lake which is 19 miles west of Stonyford in the Mendocino National Forest. As you drive west you think is this going to be all right because you have to drive through the area where there was a big fire two years ago and there’s nothing but bushes re-growing at this time. But not to worry. When you get to the lake you still have pine forest all around and it’s the cutest little clear lake. People are boating in kayaks, paddle boats and canoes so it’s quiet. I took my floating chair out and kicked around. It was great.
Then I thank god for my car so we can actually drive there and aren't stuck at the ranch indoors because of the heat. I have so much to be thankful for.

Me on Sterling who is one of the ranch's quarter horse geldings.

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