Friday, August 15, 2014

Guest Blog "Plier Equity"

Last week’s blog inspired a dear friend of mine to write her own take on the Finding Things Issue. This is what she wrote and she gave me permission to reprint it. I think it’s great.

Plier Equity 

by Georgia Williams

The human who helps others whether, male or female, is a special person with a big heart. My husband, helpers, friends, my construction guy - they all find things that I have misplaced. They look for them. Sweet. I have half an acre - indoor and outdoor with dogs and the contractor, kids, telephone ringing, cooking, healing, selling things and assorted distractions.

This is my solution for finding things: I use the "Law of Plier Equity" system. Equity is when the number of pliers equals the number of pliers needed so ONE pair can be found in about 1 minute. Currently I own a minimum of 10 Dollar Tree pliers. My current project is the irrigation system. One pair of pliers lives in the drawer and the rest live all over the property. I use the closest one. I use the others, too. The pliers scatter to the most helpful place.  Occasionally, I put them all in the same basket. Plier Equity. I also practice Hammer Equity. Last year it was the Dollar Tree Paint Brush Equity. Related, we also have a Dollar Tree Reading Glasses Collection. We have about 30 pair that start .175 strength up to .400 strength. .400 is great for removing a splinter. But I digress.

Lenny gave up trying to find and use my tools so he bought his own. If I use Lenny's tools, I AM SUPPOSED to put them BACK. That is a different system completely. Lenny tried to organize his shop but gave up because of the incursion of other person’s tools in "His Shop". Soon, Honey, in a few more months, you can have your shop back. The irrigation system in the yard will be done. Thanks for your patience.

Now, if one’s spouse could find lost tools that would be a marriage made in heaven. Especially if the spouse actually brought them back after they fixed things. Not just spend time organizing them.


  1. I, too, have a Dollar Tree Reading Glasses Collection. In every room. But I could never leave tools just laying about here. They'd rust to a chunk in just a day, its so humid here.

  2. Not humid here until winter. Then we take them in!