Sunday, August 3, 2014

Music Saved Me

            We tried to go on a road trip yesterday. I had been craving some diversity for a while but it’s so hard to get away. We have to feed the animals morning and evening and generally be on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make sure no water lines break or stop working for example. So our road trips are confined to things we can do in a one day turnaround. The problem is we are far, far from everything. To get to the coast which would be very nice - since water is a scarce commodity right now - it is a 4 hour drive ONE WAY. Most things around here are a 4 hour drive so it was with great glee that I finally figured out that we could drive to Grass Valley in a little over two. We thought it would be fun to tour the Empire Mine and various other local historic sites of which there are plenty in or near Grass Valley. Like how about the home of infamous courtesan Lola Montez or the surreal Malakoff Diggins? I had never thought of Grass Valley being so “close” because my habit in the past had been to get there via I-80 which is all the way to Sacramento and then go east. That’s the long way around.

Lola Montez lived in Grass Valley for two years.
            First I looked at California county historic sites. All the counties bordering Glenn County which is our county have very few histories sites and we had been to them all. Then I looked east, saw Sierra County which was about the same as the local counties. Then I looked right next door and south to Nevada County. Speaking of Mother Lode! We hit it. That county has more historic sites than Carter’s got pills. (Carter’s Little Liver Pills manufactured by Samuel J. Carter of Erie Pennsylvania). So we watered all the animals and piled in the Honda. All we had to do was drive east on CA-162, turn south on CA-99, turn east on CA-20 and we’d be there in 2 hours 15 minutes. It was almost a straight shot going that way. 

That’s when we started to hear “the noise”. (Cue music from Jaws). In Live Oak - about 1 hr 45 min into the trip - we were dead in the water with a broken water pump. Luckily Geico sent a tow right away and after a short hiccup to the Gridley Honda Motorcycle dealer (what?) we were deposited at Yuba City Honda who had a mechanic and could fix it that afternoon.

            What do they say? The best laid plans of mice and men aft gang astray? When we heard that it would take 2 hours we immediately looked up local movies and next thing you know we were watching “Planet of the Apes – The Beginning” which is real fun mind candy. (But how do those apes ride horses bareback with their non-existent butts and short stumpy legs? Hey, it’s a movie!)
            But if it hadn’t been for My Music I would be insane by now. Music has saved me more than once in my life. Let’s not just leave it as a balm for annoying thwarted road trips. Music has saved me during depressed times when I was over tired and still had to work or commute and grocery shop and keep a marriage working. Just so you know My Music is anything from The Sixties. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Youngbloods, Judy Collins, Bobbie Gentry, Deep Purple, Joe Cocker, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Aretha Franklin, and Led Zeppelin. The list goes on. And on. Whenever I get depressed and life throws me a curveball that a little attitude adjustment can’t take care of I listen to My Music and then I’m all right. The synapses align and I can go on in peace. What’s Your Music?

Me in 1969 - Groovin'


  1. i think mine is mostly The Sixties, with the Seventies thrown in. And some 50's as well.

  2. I think it's odd that they call that music "the Sixties" when most of it was in the early Seventies. That style of what I call "hippie" music bridged those two decades.