Saturday, September 20, 2014

Highlights from Colorado

I had a grand time visiting my sister Toni in Colorado! Here are some photographic high lights.

 At Edelweiss, a German restaurant in Colorado Springs. Aren't we cute?

Sauerbraten with red cabbage, gravy and potato dumpling. Red cabbage - Yum!

Flammkuchen - a ham and cheese pizza with potatoes, onions and mushroom. From Alsace.

Salad with 5 pickled items. Das is gute!

On Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park above the tree line. Sistahs!

A chipmunk tries to compete with the view. Don’t bite me! It didn't.

Home made cinnamon rolls in the town that almost washed away in 2013. Glen Haven, Co.

Here's Toni!  At the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Made famous by the movie "The Shining".

Horses. They're everywhere in Colorado.

For my friend Roberta. Chacha Muchacha second hand store on Santa Fe Ave.

Fish tacos at Los Tres Lunas in Brighton, CO. I ate it all. Eventually. Not at one sitting.

Eldorado Canyon near Boulder, Co. Love that water!

Climbers on a sheer rock face in Eldorado Canyon. Don't worry it's not me or Toni.

Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs. In a word. Spectacular!

She who dies with the most lip balm wins! Toni loves lip balm!

Thunder storm on the plains outside of Parker, Co. Can I just take this home with me?

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