Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Bet Many of You Share My Incredulity

Fill in the blank: “How did I get to be ____ years old?” When I fill in the blank it’s with the number 63. I still can’t believe it. I’m supposed to be more like…


Or 21

Not 63

I could even take 28.

How did I get to be 63?

Back in the day I used to look at old people and think “when is the turning point?” You know, the day they looked in the mirror and said out loud “I’m old!” My turning point was a few months ago. It is just the mirror… mostly, that announces this change. My mind is still the spring chicken it’s always been. The aches and pains I have, well, I’ve been able to blame most of those on being super sick in 2011. As in, hey, I’m going to get back my former physical glory with just a bit of patience and persistence. Mostly… this has been true. But weakness continues and now I’m wondering. Am I just old?
Whatever happened it completely snuck up on me and while I wasn’t looking I became… old!
I have a theory. I think getting old is not an overnight process. You may laugh but don’t. It’s working on you, too! It’s an insidious, inexorable, and incremental change that you don’t realize until it’s too late and there’s nothing you can do to reverse it. What happens is you don’t ski over the edge of the cliff and you hit the bottom old. No, it’s more like rolling down a very slight slope with an almost imperceptible grade. So you don’t realize you’ve been going downhill until one day you wake up and.... you’re old! 
Now what?
Well, the old adage “use it or lose it” has never been more true than when you realize you’re old. For crying out loud, don’t stop now. Just because you’re eligible for senior citizen discounts, don’t cry. Take’ em! Trust me, you’ve earned them. Just because young people treat you with more respect, don’t think they’re just up to something. Enjoy it! There are definitely perks that come along with being old. Just don’t let on that you don’t feel old. You might even want to milk it a bit. Life is supposed to be fun so why not play on the sympathy of those younger than you? By the way if you’re young and reading this just keep all these tips and tricks in mind because hopefully some day you’ll be old and then you, too, can use them!
So when you realize that the face and body don’t measure up to your good ole days, let it go. Welcome to the good ole days of now! Now you can really let your hair down and folks will just chalk it up to you being a crazy old lady (or guy). Old folks get a lot of latitude and therefore we get to exercise a lot of attitude. Come to think of it who cares about being 18 again anyway?


  1. I've really been noticing it lately. My hair has totally gone bonkers and all of a sudden is curly and thin. Plus, I have lots of aching joints like my left ankle. But, I really am more spiritual and have lots of spiritual insights. So I guess everything evens out.

  2. You are beautiful at every age.