Sunday, October 5, 2014


Our horse Brego went to a new home a couple days ago. It was the classic situation that happens so frequently. The girl works and goes to college full time and she doesn’t have time for her horse. We’ve had this lovely guy since he was 3 ½ . He’s 12 now so you can see it’s been a long association. It wasn’t too awfully hard because we sent him to a new home that is just down the road from where Ari lives. She can see him anytime she can squeeze in some time. It’s also a place that is perfect for him. He will be in service as a therapy horse to young men and women who have more challenges in life than most of us do. Brego is perfect for this with his vaulting background and quiet nature. We’ll miss Big Bubba. The new home is Monterey Bay Equestrian and Therapeutic Center in Watsonville. They’ve promised us that we get right of first refusal if it ever becomes necessary to re-home him so who knows? Maybe he’ll come back into our lives some day.

Bubba on the look out for his raison e'dtre - FOOD! BTW we like big butts and we cannot lie

Early days: Bubba and Ari in the Orinda pasture. Bubba has his helicopter ears on.

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