Sunday, January 4, 2015

I'm Ready

"Clay" (pastel on paper)

The solstice has passed. The days are getting longer. We’re back to the old wonderful, mild weather with no rain. I went outside in my shirtsleeves today to putter around the yard, splitting kindling for the woodstove which doesn’t seem to be needed right now. So just in case.
 I filled the hummingbird feeder while Marty rode the mare. He hasn’t been able to ride the mare much in recent days because of weather, holidays and guests. It was time. The lack of rain is troubling but we’re setting aside worry because our lake is full as are the stock ponds. The creek is still running but a shadow of its former self during the deluge in December. Maybe it will shut down like it did 2 years ago when we had a wet fall and a dry spring. That was an unpleasant year. Last year it was a dry fall and a wet spring. That was equally unpleasant. I’m keeping a log of what happens when and how much. Just for something to refer to. So we can say things like, well, we’ve never had a perfect year of rainfall.

The weather puts me in a frame of mind that anything is possible. It’s January and time to get out all the projects I’ve been contemplating. Recently, I’ve decided that we should bring back the old fashioned apron so I’m going to go get some fabric and make one. Since I was born before the dinosaurs I know how to sew. All we girls took Home Ec when we were in junior high. Of course, we hated it but danged if it didn’t actually do us some good. I’ve never served a purple cow (milk, ice cream and grape juice) but I’ve had occasion to make me a skirt, or jacket, or slacks or pillow cover. I’m so familiar with it I’m not even going to use a pattern to make my apron. Have you seen how much patterns cost these days? No wonder people buy ready made! Me, I go to Goodwill. I’m always getting compliments on my outfits from Goodwill and I’m a little smug when I announce “I got it from Goodwill!”
But for my aprons I’m not going to Goodwill. They don’t have any there and I want it to be a certain way. At Goodwill you have to be savvy but take potluck. Don’t go there with something specific in mind. Go there with an imagination. Kind of like buying a home. “Boy, this has potential!” Fixer-upper clothing.
By the way the picture you see at the start of this blog is the finished version of my pastel painting I call “Clay”. I’m having terrible problems with my wordpress site. I sent them a pleading email. Something about getting an http error message everytime I try to upload images. Nasty. I hope they can “Fix It!” real soon. Anyway, I wanted ya’ll to see what I’d done and I hope you like it.
And incidentally, I’m ready for the coming year and really, really looking forward to having as much fun and challenge as I can fit in!
Here are some pictorial highlights of my recent trip to the coast. Gotta love Sanna Cruise!

Amanita Muscaria under the oak trees

The coast looking toward Moss Landing and Monterey

Dog Bliss

Fluttering Pampas grass in the arroyo

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