Sunday, August 16, 2015


104 degrees here today.

I'm thinking Tatouine in the Star Wars movies. Baked barren desert and house built underground. I feel like I'm under ground stuck in the house all day after I feed the animals in the morning and water my garden which is under a sun shade. Yes, we must shade the garden from the sun. Insane place to live. I decided to rearrange my office/studio to compensate for feeling inertia.

It's only 2 o'clock.


  1. Renee! Been thinking about you and wondering how you are faring. Are you in the area of all the wildfires? I hope not. Take care and be safe if you are.

  2. We are in the middle between fires. The big Rocky/Jerusalem fire 30 miles (as the crow flies) to the south and the Trinity fires 40 miles as the crow flies to the north. It's super hazy here and smoky. The air quality is not dangerous. Yet. In a crazy way I am glad for the fires. The smoke dampens the intensity of the sun which can be simply fierce.

    In the midst of that I am getting a ton of japanese peppers and the shisito and thai peppers are coming right along as long as I am vigilant to keep them hydrated. Me, too.

    What do you think of Ben closing down his blogging? I gather he's not shutting down entirely but taking a big ole break.

    I took a break. I went on a week long road trip with my sister to Kansas. It was so fine to be somewhere where it's green and big huge clouds in the sky with actual rain coming down from them.

    How's everything out your way? I forget. Are you Nebraska or Indiana or neither?

  3. 30 miles as the crow flies is 30 miles as the fire rages, so just be careful and keep informed. I'm sure fires don't go down roads to get where they are going. Thanks for responding.

    We're in Mobile, Alabama. Hot, humid and dry here. But...we live in nearly the tropics, so it is always green and overgrowing here. Wish I could send you some green and wet. It is like putting a wet wool blanket on in the mornings; so humid. We've not been below 70° in the mornings for a while, with dew points at 75° or above. Sunday started a few days of nice rain for us. We were pretty dry for the last few weeks.

    I'll miss Ben. I guess building and creating their new living space got the best of him. I bet he realized that all that work, all the interaction between friends and family, are so much better than computer work. I can understand. I'll sure miss him, but I think he'll put content up occasionally, just not as often, or with such detail and photos of the daily grind. I hope he at least posts photos of the new set up, barn and house. It would be a shame not to be able to see all that. I really enjoyed his blog. But, that's the way of it. At least he gave notice.

    We don't get out much from our place. We have 16 rabbit hutches with 18 rabbits, 4 outside cats and one inside, so getting away is a bit hard as we have no sitter for the place. Which is ok by us. We like our place and don't mind staying home. Our dog usually travels with us when we do get out.

    Our garden is getting ready for fall planting. We bought 3 new tomato plants, have 4 basil in the ground, two jalapenos, plots for greens being prepped and big dreams. I'm hoping for a good fall garden this year. I love having greens out there to pick whenever we want.

    That's all the news from Rabbit Underground. Glad you are safe out there.

  4. Thanks Jules! I can't imagine hot and humid like that. I bet you have really healthy insects. Even in all this heat and dry we have tomato horn worms the size of your thumb. I chucked 5 over the fence into the star thistle with a hearty Jai Shri Hare as I did so! Go on to your next incarnation, you suckas!

  5. I really like Autumn here. The cooling off is really nice. Those tomato worms are the worst. Scare the bejebuzes out of me. I like to smash them with a brick and watch the green explode.

    If you get your own homestead, where would you go? Would you stay in CA?

  6. We have to stay in California. Right now I hate California. It's so bad for any number of reasons. #1 it's still crazy expensive. #2 water is a huge issue. BUT my husband can't tolerate cold weather of any kind so here we stay in the hated state. I make the best of it.

    BTW that's a really yucky image of the worms. :-O Makes me shudder but I totally understand! I let the chickens savage them. You should read my latest Cappers Farmer blog "The Good The Bad and The Ugly" about mantises and hornworms.

  7. I'll go check it out! Thanks. Any other state like CA but in a better water position? Or are all the warmer states in the same water position?

  8. What state is like California? Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico? all too hot and dry so same difference. Oregon and Washington? Too cold for the hubster. We thought about Hawaii but it's a big production to go over there and we're not sure we can find supplemental income.