Saturday, September 5, 2015

Clubs in Our Hands

(I don't know what's gotten in to me. I've been on a recent roll with all sorts of issues that I feel I need to speak out on. Hey, once I'm over it I'll go back to Life On The Ranch and stuff that happens around here, some of it humorous.)

o my god the phone rings. I answer it. A kindly voice says Hi I'm Nancy how are you today? I say Hi Nancy I'm fine how are you? ( I have no idea who Nancy is) She says I'm fine thanks for asking. I say what can I do for you. She says well I'm from The Contact Center and we're calling on behalf of the Committee for Pro-Life. What are you Pro-life or Pro-choice?

Dear reader, I launched. I've been waiting for someone like this to appear on my door step so I could give them a piece of my mind from the safety of anonymity. (I admit my weeny-ness) I say I'm both. I'm Pro Life and Pro Choice. Of course, she doesn't get my subtlety. She can't understand how a person could be on the side of the developing fetus AND the mother. She can't understand I think the mother should decide and the mother should really think about the developing fetus and not be cavalier about it. Not some stranger enlisted in dogma thinking for both and telling the mother what she can or can't do. Furthermore, why does this world want us to be either/or. Can't we be both? Why does this world gotta be black or white, them or us, yes or no, for us or against us? Why can't it be maybe or I don't know or, even more importantly, Is There a Third or Fourth Choice? 

She hung up on me.

That's why she doesn't understand me. She's thinking well that one is a lost cause. I'm not going to sway her over to my way of thinking so why bother. Well, she's right. She's not going to sway me but if she stuck around maybe she'd find out that the lines between right and wrong aren't lines. They're rough edges or blurry. Plus, and really this is it: There is no right or wrong. Talking about that would be an interesting discussion. But it won't happen because she already knows what's right and what's wrong. God bless her.

I hope she hears from a lot of people like me. She probably won't but I still hope it anyway. I hope she hears from a lot of people who will address her with a civil tone and ask.... why? Because that's what I think is the problem. It's not are you Pro this or that. It's why do you have to ask the question in the first place? Why do we have to know if the other person is for us or against us? Why do we have to mess with another person's life when they're not messing with or hurting us? Why are we so insecure? That's what I think is the problem. We just fundamentally don't have any faith in ourselves to negotiate a world that doesn't align with our way of thinking. I'm telling ya. We have not been out of the caves long enough. We're still back there standing in the mouth of the cave with clubs in our hands. 

Addendum: if you get a job with the government and you can't carry out your duties because your religion won't let you then you shouldn't have that job and you aren't qualified for it. There. I've said it.


  1. I've got nothing against Ms. Davis' religious cannot impose those beliefs on other folks in the course of your government job. You took an oath when you were hired to OBEY/uphold the law, not make it in your image. She needs to either quit if it pains her so much, find another job within the system where she isn't compromised, or she should be removed from her job and reassigned.

  2. Me neither. And I wonder how it will all shake out after all the hullaballoo dies down. I agree with you on all counts.