Monday, January 18, 2016

They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore

I bought these Keen shoes about 15 years ago. Maybe even 20. I got them after my daughter was born and she's 23. These shoes have been my mainstay when I had anything to do outdoors that involved anything nasty or wet and I had plenty of that at the horse pasture and all up and down the California coast or in the mountains of Colorado. Pouring rain, muddy conditions, steep or rocky terrain, these shoes stuck with me through it all. I could traverse up and down slippery hills without worrying. The tread was ample to keep me right side up.

Now that we've been at the ranch I continued to use the shoes and they served me well just the same as before. In the last year I noticed that the waterproofing no longer functioned but I didn't care. They still fit well and they were my go-to shoes. Then last month I noticed that my second toe on my left foot was sore every time I wore them. At first I didn't believe it. I continued to wear them in spite of the fact I had bought a new pair of Keen's. Somehow the old pair had become a part of my foot and they felt the best. But my toe was still sore so I stopped wearing them for a while and the soreness went away. Darn!

So here's my opus to a pair of shoes. How many shoes have you loved in your life? Not many if you're like me. I can't bear to put them in the trash. Maybe I'll have them bronzed.

They don't look bad do they? That makes my decision all that much more painful.


  1. Yep, my Dutch army combat boots. Wore them for 20 odd years; summer, winter, rain and sunshine. Everyday, one forest hikes or even at work.
    Now one of the soles has broken. Got a big crack in it right under my right foot. Really uncomfortable when water, but above all dirt and sand come into the boot. I will use mine as plant pots.